Precision Planting

logoPrecision Planting is the headquarters for new ideas and technology that contribute to better seed spacing, better depth control and better root systems. Install Precision Planting after-market parts. Fine tune the spacing and placement of your seed. You will lose yield if you have poor Meter readings or misplaced seed.


Every Seed Every Time. Judging from our side-by-side tests using 21 different kinds of seeds – large, small, flat, round, treated, untreated – eSet lives up to its name!

Precision Meter

Rebuild your meters with the newest technology.

Put these proven peformance boosters in your existing meter housing:
SureFire Seed Belt, SkipStop Metal Cover, PopulationMax Backing Plate, Adjustable Brush, Precision Fingers.

A survey of randomly selected Precision Meter customers found:

  • 95% are satisfied or very satisfied with their Precision Meters.
  • 91% would recommend Precision Meters to others.
  • 93% report that Precision Meters improved singulation.

In this test, conducted in Central Illinois, calibrated meters show a 7.98 bushel advantage in side by side strip tests. These results are typical of tests conducted by Pioneer Hi-Bred Seed Company. The conclusion: the MeterMax calibration system pays.