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Acreage Reporting Season!

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28th May

Planting is well underway, a few reminder for our crop insurance customers:

  • When you are finished planting please make an appointment with the FSA office to certify your acres
  • After you receive your 578 please let us know
  • We will be reaching out to our insured’s to set up a time to fill out and sign acreage reports

Acreage Reports must be completed and signed by July 15th.

Bean Leaf Beetle

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28th May

Bean Leaf Beetle in SE Michigan

We have been seeing an uptick in bean leaf beetle damage this spring. Check out this article from Purdue University for more information:

Early Pay Cash Discounts

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2nd February

Don’t miss out on extra savings on your Beck’s products by paying early!

Upcoming discounts for 2021 seed:

  • 10% February 15
  • 8% March 15
  • 6% April 15
  • 4% June 15

Agronomy Talk

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2nd May

Visit Agronomy Talk at Beck’s Hybrids to read about the latest topics in agriculture. Weather considerations, varietal details, and mineral deficiencies are just a few of the topics that are thoroughly discussed in the Agronomy Talk blog with Beck’s professionals.

Agronomy Talk

Get the whole picture!

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24th April

Spring has sprung and Winter Wheat is coming up…or is it? Late April is the key time to decide if your winter wheat is viable or not. It can take hours to walk your fields and assess early spring growth. Just looking from the ground, you are not getting the whole picture of your field.

We are pleased to offer innovative ag technology with our unmanned drone, Dorothy, and her experienced pilot Abby Carpenter, Ag Technology Lead at Goetz River Farms.

Schedule a few minutes with Dorothy the drone (and Abby) today to see your wheat from a new perspective! Call 517-605-6762 today for your appointment. 

Southeast Michigan Plots

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5th November

Yield Data

We believe in finding the most specific test results possible so together we can make a smart seed selection based on the conditions of your operation: soil type, environments, management practices and other growing factors.

Each plot report shows location-specific results of Beck’s Seed in Southeast Michigan products and some of our competitors.

2018 Clay Soil Corn

2018 Sandy Soil Corn

2018 Roundup SB

2018 Liberty SB

2019 Corn Plot

2020 Wheat Plot

2020 Corn Plot

View more plot data from across the Mid-West here.

Conklin® Crop Management

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26th January

Consult with Goetz River Farms for Increased Yields on Your Farm.

To see a summary of 20 years’ worth of test plot results for AgroVantage products, download the long term nationwide plot data here.

AgroVantage® has become one of the most advanced and proven crop management systems available. That’s why the number of Certified Crop Advisors and progressive producers who recommend and use the AgroVantage System continues to grow. Developed through more than two decades of field trials and national research, the AgroVantage System will boost the genetic potential of your crops, increase yields and maximize your return on investment. The AgroVantage System is profitable and beneficial because of:

  • In-depth soil testing. This helps you identify your soil’s limiting factors and recommends nutrients to positively impact your yields.
  • Quality, proven products that maximize the potential of your soil and seed genetics. With AgroVantage, you never spend your input dollars on nutrients your plants won’t use.
  • Ongoing technical and practical training. Discover a completely different way of feeding your plants.

As we continue to add growers who use our AgroVantage system, along with more National Corn Growers Association (NCGA) national and state yield champions, we are establishing ourselves as the crop management system of choice for today’s top producers. That’s why you owe it to yourself to check out Conklin’s AgroVantage System.

Shop AgroVantage System products

Precision Planting

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16th May

logoPrecision Planting is the headquarters for new ideas and technology that contribute to better seed spacing, better depth control and better root systems. Install Precision Planting after-market parts. Fine tune the spacing and placement of your seed. You will lose yield if you have poor Meter readings or misplaced seed.


Every Seed Every Time. Judging from our side-by-side tests using 21 different kinds of seeds – large, small, flat, round, treated, untreated – eSet lives up to its name!

Precision Meter

Rebuild your meters with the newest technology.

Put these proven peformance boosters in your existing meter housing:
SureFire Seed Belt, SkipStop Metal Cover, PopulationMax Backing Plate, Adjustable Brush, Precision Fingers.

A survey of randomly selected Precision Meter customers found:

  • 95% are satisfied or very satisfied with their Precision Meters.
  • 91% would recommend Precision Meters to others.
  • 93% report that Precision Meters improved singulation.

In this test, conducted in Central Illinois, calibrated meters show a 7.98 bushel advantage in side by side strip tests. These results are typical of tests conducted by Pioneer Hi-Bred Seed Company. The conclusion: the MeterMax calibration system pays.



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17th July

farmserverThe foundation for all your precision ag activities.

The FARMserver precision ag concept is really quite simple. Precisely monitor cropping variables, collect data concerning those variables, analyze the data, and then use the learned information to increase productivity on the farm. Until now, farmers have lacked the centralized and universal tools needed to properly implement precision ag strategies on their farms. Introducing FARMserver, a secure, online, web-based solution that serves as your farm’s foundation for all precision ag activities.